220 S braking device – safely on the road with a classic car

Functioning brakes are the be-all and end-all when it comes to driving safely on the road. A faulty or worn braking device puts yourself and other road users in danger. But even if an accident caused by worn brake discs or a malfunctioning brake unit only results in damage to the bodywork, this can lead to high costs and a great deal of time and effort, especially in a classic car like the 220 S from Mercedes Benz, which is why it is worth carrying out maintenance for the 220 S braking device at regular intervals.

w180 in black with the 220s braking device from the side perspective

The 220 S braking device in particular, which is one of the most complicated safety components, should be checked regularly. The wear and tear on this braking device is gradual. Many drivers do not immediately notice that their braking system is no longer fully functional. They get used to the ever-increasing pedal pressure and the longer braking distance.

Finding the right spare parts for classic cars is usually relatively difficult. Drivers of vintage Mercedes Benz cars have it very easy by comparison. The niemöller online store offers a large selection of spare parts for Mercedes passenger cars built between 1946 and 1975.

sketch of a braking device 220s

The 220 S braking device, for example, can also be purchased here. Individual components can also be replaced in the brake unit for the 220 S, which can also be purchased in the niemöller online store. On the overview page for the Mercedes 220S, model 180.010, you can see an exploded view which you can use to find the required spare part for the 220 S braking device, even without the exact part number.