Niemoeller – Adenauer 300 Mercedes parts

Adenauer 300 – the most famous official car from Germany

Why did Konrad Adenauer choose the Type 300 from Mercedes Benz? Because it had an upscale fitment at that time? Because of a powerful engine? Or because no other vehicle than the Mercedes Benz 300 had a comparable effect?

When Konrad Adenauer decided for a Mercedes Benz 300 in 1951 the vehicle became so famous that it is still known under the name Adenauer 300 by today. The Adenauer 300 was a permanent companion of the German chancellor. Whether it was a daily ride to Bonn or a meeting with heads of states, the Mercedes was always the picked car. The Adenauer 300 was the ultimate state limousine until the introduction of the Mercedes Benz 600.

The 300 is available in 4 different copies:

  • W 186 II
  • W 186 III
  • 186 IV
  • W 189

Today the Adenauer 300 counts as vintage car and whoever owns one can count himself lucky. For an elegant and neat Mercedes Benz vintage car you need a lot of time, patience and of course the fitting Mercedes spare parts.

At this point most people are confronted with a big problem because getting Mercedes parts for a car that is not in production any more is not easy. Even if the Mercedes Benz vintage car (e.g. the Adenauer 300) is in a good shape there are working parts that have to be replaced from time to time. For example rubber seals will turn rough and fragile with time. Components that are exposed to great friction (especially from vintage cars) always have to be lubed a lot to prevent breaking. However simple Mercedes parts like wipers wear out in the course of time as well. The reason for this is that these Mercedes-Benz spare parts were produced with a different technique and so you cannot drive to the next gas station to get fitting wipers.

In the past a vintage car lover requested at the motor vehicle workshop of his choice and with a little luck the mechanic could even provide the desired spare part in time. Another option was to ask other vintage car lovers or people who might own a suitable Mercedes part. Quite often you were driving many hours through Germany just to look at a spare part that was not fitting in the end.

These times are over!

Niemoeller based in Mannheim specialized on selling Mercedes Benz vintage car spare parts. Especially Mercedes spare parts like

  • breaking unit for Ponton
  • breaking unit 220 S
  • sun visor for the 190 SL
  • foldable roof for Pagode
  • steering knuckle bold set for 220 S

are a hot property. Since the demand has grown in the last years Niemoeller decided to produce Mercedes parts on its own. Besides, Niemoeller offers the Mercedes Benz vintage car spare parts in its own online shop. The company offers more than 60.000 Mercedes parts also for the Adenauer 300. Alone 1600 Mercedes Benz vintage car spare parts are built by the employees in own production. The online shop is well structured and you find a suitable spare part even if you do not have an accurate article description.