Bow covering pagode

Pagode – hearing this term makes vintage car lovers’ heart beat faster. The Pagode actually is the W 113, a two seater with folding roof from Mercedes Benz. The model of 1963 is a collectable in demand. The cabriolet got its nickname “Pagode” from its arched hard top.  This roadster was and still is one of the most popular vintage car models.

W113However external influences like rust or an accident may sadly cause some damage on the car. Then good advice is expensive because the spare parts for this jewel of car are very rare nowadays. Of course you could tell in general to mount a copy of the bow covering on your Pagode but for real vintage cars this is out of question. There it has to be an original part.

The original bow covering is a very rare, hard to find and demanded piece of chrome. If you ever have looked for any W 113 Pagode spare parts you know how hard it is. Of course there are a lot of vintage car clubs in and out of Germany that you may contact in first place but since you normally only have one vintage car of this class in your garage most clubs will not often be able to offer suitable spare parts.

Options for looking after a bow covering of a Pagode are for example small ads in car and vintage car club magazines. Car drivers, mostly vintage car owners, often have a certain inside knowledge, who, where and when somebody sells an original bow covering of a Pagode.

Since the Pagode was especially very popular in the U.S. and more than the half of produced vehicles were sold to overseas you find a couple of vintage car dealers as well as private persons there who may have one or the other bow covering for a Pagode in possession.

A good place to look after a bow covering for a Pagode is the internet. This is the place where the world meets whether Asia, Europe or South America. You search after a bow covering for a Pagode may find some results with search engines, a variety of small ads or a call at

The bow covering of a Pagode is more than a piece of metal. It is a witness of a time period over the development of cars and an example of old things coming back into fashion.