Mercedes 190 SL – a classic that not only makes classic car enthusiasts shine

The Mercedes 190 SL is one of the first series from Mercedes with a self-supporting body. Built from 1955, the 190 SL is a touring sports car that was already very popular at the time. Equipped with a more powerful engine than its predecessor, the 180, and slightly upgraded on the inside, it also stood out on the outside. In addition to the hub caps 190 sl, on which the Mercedes star was significantly larger, the visual changes included front hinged windows, large rear lights, a slightly wider radiator grille and longer trim strips, which were now also to be found on the underside of the windows. The 190 SL was fitted with thirteen-inch wheels with spoke hubcaps, also available as small hubcaps with decorative rings.

hub caps for the mercedes sl 190

Hub caps are generally an issue that should not be underestimated for classic cars. Minor changes to the bodywork are usually only noticed by the TÜV and specialists, just like changes to the interior. However, if the vehicle is on the wrong wheels with hubcaps that do not match the model, even a layman interested in classic cars can see that something is wrong. No matter how well-maintained the vehicle may be, in absolutely perfect condition – if the tires don’t match, the whole good impression is destroyed.

In contrast to many other classic cars from this period, the use of original hubcaps on the 190 SL not only leads to a certain, but even to a noticeable increase in value. They restore the vehicle to the splendor of the past and perfect it.

There are a number of stores on the Internet that specialize in either restoring the hubcaps of classic cars to their original condition or selling restored hubcaps. Original models can also often be found at classic car fairs, at meetings and in fan clubs, some in need of restoration, others in very good condition. Smaller garages also often have treasures for classic cars in the back corners of their warehouses that the owners have long since forgotten – if you have the opportunity to browse here, you can sometimes find parts that were no longer available, from spare parts for the engine, brakes and lights to tires, rims and hubcaps.