Mercedes Benz Vintage Cars – A Charm of the Past

Vintage car lovers are an extraordinary species. They do not only love to go on long tours with various spare parts, oil cans and screw driver sets and risk to get dirty to reach the destination, they also speak an own language. When they talk about a “Doppel-Phaeton 28“ or “380er Mannheim“ an outsider might understand nothing but a vintage car lover will get bright eyes – the talk is about beautiful Mercedes Benz vintage cars. There are still a few cars left to admire on the streets.

The Daimler Motor Society (short: DMG) manufactured trucks as first company of the world in 1896. After the fusion of Benz & Cie the world company Daimler Benz was created in 1926. The historical vehicles of the company like passenger cars or utility vehicles are very popular for vintage car fans. Not only because of their elegant lines but also of their sturdiness. However when it comes to repairs or when spare parts are needed – not all spare parts dealer or mechanics know the term “intake valve of a four stroke engine” or ZF Ross steering. Furthermore it is very difficult to find these exotic parts and to mount them into the vehicle.

Inventiveness is in demand since the search for good old spare parts is not too easy. At vintage car rallies there are almost always swap meets for spare parts and a lot of information – you will just find specialists by themselves. Mercedes Benz spare parts may be used variously and have the advantage that they also may be mounted in different car models. Niemoeller offers you a solution for the difficult spare part search. You may find and order your desired spare parts in the clearly and well arranged online shop easily.

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