Mercedes W108 – Myth of the Mercedes S-Class

The Mercedes W108 is one of the most legendary type series of Mercedes Benz. It was constructed from 1965 to 1972 for prosperous clients. Up to today that car represents the high values of Mercedes Benz vintage cars.

Mercedes S-Class spare partsThe array Mercedes W108 was equipped as standard with a 4 gear manual but Mercedes offered an automatic gearbox for large requirements and more extravagance.

Emphasized by its innovative technics the Mercedes W 108  was able to establish itself on national and international markets. To have the continuing ability to compete against the others on the market, Mercedes Benz started a further development and created a manual transmission with 5 gears for all cars with six cylinder engine. The models 250S and 280S were well equipped and performed between 130 and 140 ps. Later on Mercedes improved its cars and released the SE-versions. They were featured with mechanical injection pumps. While Mercedes Benz was able to reduce fuel consumption, they could increase their performance by 20 ps at the same time.

The interior design is related to high standards as well. Mercedes Benz set a benchmark, which is still in demand today: smooth leather, pure wood and fine blanket.

One of the most famous appearances of the black Mercedes S280 (Series W108) occurred in the movie „James Bond 007-Octopussy“ by EON Productions Ltd. Only after 18 years, in 1983, Bond was authorized to drive this car.

According to the fact of that luxury car in Mercedes Benz history, the myth of famous Mercedes Benz W108 will persist.

Due to the fact that the Mercedes W108 is one of the most popular vintage cars, it is difficult for each owner to find the right spare parts for his beloved car.

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