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Mercedes Braking Systems – Parts for the Classic Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz has been manufacturing cars for over one hundred years. During that time the company has been the innovator in many design changes and upgrades. Automobiles from Mercedes are now known as the best and safest around the world. As models progressed throughout the years Mercedes Benz has continued to be in the forefront of technology.

Of all the automotive systems that have been improved over the years probably none have advanced as much as the braking systems. Earliest cars had mechanical brakes that forced the cars to stop abruptly by causing the wheels to stop turning. While it was very effective in stopping the car, it was also dangerous and provided a rather severe ride. Therefore hydraulic systems were designed and introduced to allow vehicles to slow down while stopping more gradually and in a safer manner.

Mercedes Benz and other manufacturers introduced the first hydraulic braking systems in the early part of the twentieth century. By the mid-twenties cars with four- wheel hydraulic systems were appearing on the market. Mercedes Benz offered these braking systems as a safety feature on its touring cars around this time.

Mercedes Oldtimer braking systemsAs braking systems evolved over time, the number of parts increased greatly. Braking systems are pedal operated; however the pedal in the car really has no direct connection to the apparatus that causes the car to stop. Braking is accomplished when hydraulic fluid is pushed through tubes that connect the fluid reservoir to the shoes or calipers that operate the pads which create friction at each wheel and slow the car down.

Finding parts for old time Mercedes braking systems can be a challenge. The drums, rotors, calipers, drum shoes and hydraulic lines are all vital parts. Many parts are reproduced and others are only available in used or remanufactured parts. Restoration brake parts for Mercedes from the mid-forties through the seventies can be found in the catalogs of Mercedes Benz vintage cars of a German supplier offering new and used parts. A visit to their website; , will assist hobbyists and restorers in the search for classic braking parts.

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