In-House Products by Niemöller

A world without spare parts for classic cars

Imagine a world without spare parts for classic cars: You own a beautiful classic car, a real gem. You spend a lot of time maintaining it, caring for it. Taking your car for its next joyride to the outside is only a few hours of work away. But then: A very important spare part is missing. You research everywhere, but this part simply doesn’t exist anymore and is no longer being manufactured. How annoying! All that hard work for nothing? How terrible would that be?
Fortunately, this scenario doesn’t have to come true.

Niemöller offers more than 65.000 different Mercedes-Benz spare parts

In our Niemöller online shop (, we offer more than 65.000 different Mercedes-Benz spare parts. They’re not only fitting for Mercedes-Benz classic cars but also for many more classic car models from different brands. We are very proud of our wide range of Mercedes-Benz spare parts and are constantly maintaining and expanding our product range, so your classic car doesn’t lack anything.

We exclusively reproduce spare parts for classic cars that are no longer being manufactured

Sometimes it happens that various spare parts for classic cars are no longer being manufactured nor are they anywhere in stock. In order to keep providing you with spare parts for classic cars, we exclusively reproduce selected items. We hand-pick our partners that are manufacturing our so called „in-house products“ just for us. If you click on „in-house products“ on our website, you can see all of our in-house products sorted by car model.

Mercedes spare parts by Niemöller – a good choice!

Deciding for Niemöller as your Mercedes spare parts dealer of choice is always a good idea. We attach high importance on good quality and fair prices, so you will get everything you need for your classic car.

Take a look at our wide selection of Mercedes spare parts at our website.

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